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key features
_relationship between park & home

Wouldn't it be nice to open your front door to a majestic view of beautiful trees and blooms, listening to the cascading water of bubbling streams, and no cars obstructing your front yard?

Taking inspiration from homes tucked away in seclusion, in the mountains of Europe or a cottage in the midst of the flower fields in Netherlands, we aim to change the experience of living in Malaysia today. At Fields of Gold, we emphasise not only on the comfort and design of your home but also interaction outside your home. Through our unique resort-inspired design, your home opens out immediately to the beautiful four-season themed park, together with our Dual-Tier Platform system, total freedom and limitless exploration is achieved.

Open your front door to the beauty of natural landscape, instead of the drones of traffic and the cluster of homes. Welcome the delightful scent of nature instead of smoky air and dust, watch the swaying leaves and listen to the whispering trees, chirping birds and cascading water, ultimately providing a calming and soothing experience of living.

A way of life made possible through the innovative combination of Dual-Tier Platform and the wonderful relationship between home and park in the Fields of Gold.