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Creating a Home Unlike Any Other

With a vision in setting out to be different, Primarc conceptualised the Fields of Gold, a double-level development consisting of 53 boutique homes set around a four-season park, privately yours.

As the sunset gleams over the borderless four-season park, everything in its light turns a beautiful gold hue, a moment so beautiful, so touching and enchanting all who sees it. But that’s our story. We hope each resident will discover and define their very own Fields of Gold moment and share this special moment to their families and friends, making it truly exclusive and privately their own. A moment where no one else can have other than you, the residents of Fields of Gold.

Through Fields of Gold, Primarc hopes that every resident is able to explore living with an open mind, unlike the flurry of the property market today, as choosing a home, a sanctuary is never about the ringgits and cents, but the enriching qualities of living that a home provides.