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A Forward Thinking Developer

Founded by a team of visionaries, Primarc Development (M) Sdn Bhd aims to be different, redefine the meaning of living and homes in Malaysia. Every home by Primarc is built with a vision to be unique and innovative in design, material selection, and landscape amongst others. The purpose — to push the boundaries of what we have come to expect of homes and to bring back nostalgia, romanticism, wonder, pride and joy of owning a home, a Primarc Home.

When crafting our homes, we first look to our customers, going back to the fundamentals and sentiments of buying and owning a home. Key points to buying a home should not only just be based on built-up area, amenities, and maintenance fees but the way the home would contribute to a holistically improved lifestyle. A home is not just a shelter, but a place to grow together be it for families, couples or even singles, where memories and way of living are cultivated. We believe in creating the homey experience, a place where relaxation, fun, retreat and happiness comes in one, where people look forward to go back to everyday. Warm and welcoming with features to compliment, uniquely for our homebuyers, a home that is uniquely yours.

Primarc Home, where affordable luxury meets unforgettable living.