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Spaces – Artistically & Purposefully-Designed

At Fields of Gold, we look into every aspect of the development, ensuring to maximise the quality of life of homeowners. Be captivated by the warmth of industrial yet modern minimalistic design furnished with luxurious finish of every Fields of Gold designer boutique homes, inspired by homes in New York and London. Playing with the natural elements of metal, glass, concrete and bricks, it adds a touch of modernity to the classic finishes of homes.

With a built-up space of approximately 4,300sqft, spanning across four private floors inclusive of a private sub-basement garage, every home comes with 5-bedrooms, 5-bathrooms and 1 utility rooms. Each home comes quipped with a commercial grade lift, a private swimming pool and a private garage with your own automated garage doors.

Basing the concept on Borderless Living, we aim to blur the boundaries between the indoor and the outdoor, to create a home that allows the natural outdoor to complement the comfort and luxury of the indoor spaces.

Space & Comfort

A vital component to every home, in Fields of Gold, homes are designed with high-ceilings to accentuate the vastness of space and allow light to naturally flow into the homes. The living room is built to an approximation of 13 ft height while the bedrooms boast of heights up to 17ft resulting in a home that is spacious yet enclosed in comfort. On the other hand, the rooftop garden terrace, the ceiling is designed slightly lowered to create a comfortable den-like enclosure, much like a club house, shielding rain and sun glares away from you as you enjoy your time on the terrace.

Choicest of Materials & Fittings

Living Hall

Designed with the panoramic view sliding glass door overlooking the pool right into the park, the hall boast of high ceiling with concrete-coloured tiles finishing to highlight the industrial visual feel.

Dry & Wet Kitchen

Dry kitchen floor area is tiled with wood-like tiles and fully tiled walls fitted with a basin. Wet kitchen area also features tiles flooring with fully tiled walls.

Master Bedroom

Located on the 2nd floor of the home, the master bedroom features a one and a half volume ceiling height adorned with wood strips extending all the way to the balcony with a space large enough allocated for built-in walk-in wardrobe and a master bathroom. With a picturesque aluminium frame sliding glass door, it opens up to the majestic view of the park.

Master Bathroom

Featuring three sections consisting of The His & Hers Wash Area, The Relaxation Cove with an organically designed hydrotherapy air bathtub and The Open-Air Shower Area fitted with state-of-the-art showers for ultimate relaxation. Experience showers under the sun or unwind after a long day in the comfort of hydrotherapy air bathtub.

The Upper Floors Bedrooms & Corridor Flooring

Entirely paved with solid timber flooring, we selected this material to complement the concept of Borderless Living – of having a little nature inside. Nothing beats the feelings of bare feet rubbing against the warm wood grains, enhancing the feeling of exclusivity and luxury.

Natural Light

Another element to create the Borderless Living experience is the letting in of natural light bathing the interiors of the home much like a semi-detached or even a bungalow.

The Ground Floor

The living room fitted with panoramic sliding glass doors and horizontal fixed glass panels near the ceiling, allows even more natural light into the living and dining room. The Stair well area also features Sky Light where glass panels are also installed to allow natural light to penetrate the entire stair case area.

The Bedrooms

Every bedroom comes with sliding glass door and a balcony especially the Master Bedroom designed with a high double pane height glass panel fronting the beautiful park.

The Master Bathroom

Featuring an open-air shower area and glass roof covering the hydrotherapy air bathtub and double washbasin area, natural light flows in freely into the master bathroom and indirectly lights up the master bedroom from the back too. Enjoy a relaxing evening bath, while enjoying the natural golden sunset rays on your bathroom walls.

Breaking the Border Between Nature & You

We believe in creating a development that cares for you both indoors and outdoors. At Fields of Gold, we invite you to venture outdoors into the beauty of serene nature breaking the border between nature and you.

Wake up to the sounds of bubbling streams and sight of a beautiful scenery of trees and flowers every day, made possible with the balcony and sliding glass doors in all bedrooms.

Beyond architectural aspects, we look into the finer details such as keyless digital locks. Every entry point of the home is secured with keyless digital locks, hence, simply open your doors to the beauty of the outdoors, without worrying about carrying a heavy bunch of keys but total enjoyment either during a jog or a simple picnic by the Shimmering Eco-Pond.

Accessible even on a stroller or a wheelchair, Fields of Gold is designed to allow occupants whom may be wheelchair bound, to move about independently across the floors in the home via the lift system or the park on the jogging and cycling track.