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A haven is only one if it protects as well as it nurtures. At Fields of Gold, keeping you safe is paramount. Fields of Gold is designed, fully gated and guarded with the perimeter bordered by tall trees and walls, for greater privacy, and comfortably enclosed away from the prying eyes of the public.

Apart from conventional security measures, we also employ state-of-the-art technology, taking considerations into every detail, heightening the level of security for your comfort, convenience and peace of mind.

Where security and safety is a concern,
worry no more at Fields of Gold

The Perimeter

Fully gated and guarded, Fields of Gold is secluded from the harshness of the city via perimeter walls and tall trees. The perimeter security will be guarded with video surveillance and movement sensing security elements designed to prevent any unauthorised entry. Guards will patrol the neighbourhood at random times during the day where they will need to scan a patrol checkpoint to indicate that they have patrolled that area and stored in the server for management.

The Boulevard Driveway

The first entry point of Fields of Gold is via the Boulevard Driveway, enclosed by a beautifully crafted landscape and artistic lighting to create a luxurious and private drive through experience before reaching the guardhouse unlike most development where the guardhouse is immediately the entrance to the development. Privacy at its highest, Fields of Gold is shielded from prying eyes of the public and from drivers on the main road. At the end of the driveway a uniquely designed circular guardhouse controls access to the development.

Accessibility In and Out of Fields of Gold

Entry to Fields of Gold is controlled primarily by the guardhouse and also controlled by our Integrated Residential Software System. The system is an application that is downloadable through Google Play or App Store depending on your mobile operating system and is readily installed in the tablet system that is provided in every home.

Access for residents is via the short distance remote smart access card reader.

For visitors however, the homeowners rather than the guard will initiate a simple verification through the use of the Residential Integrated Software System. Visitor first identities the home they are visiting, where the guardhouse will then contact the homeowner with a video or picture of the visitor to allow access. The system also caters for parties and events for easy access but secure for large group of guests to gain entry.

Home Alarm via Integrated Residential Software System

Each home is equipped with an integrated home alarm system readily installed and linked to our Integrated Residential Software System. Upon triggering of the alarm, the guardhouse and management will be informed to immediately investigate the cause of the alarm.

In addition, each home’s entry point is secured with state-of-the-art keyless digital lock, giving residents greater security and keyless convenience.